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Nate Novarro - LOOKIT ALL THE GAY! — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
This is where we spazzzzzzzz

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Nate Novarro [Jan. 6th, 2008|06:08 pm]
This is where we spazzzzzzzz
[Current Music |CityLights - Life At Sea]

Ahaaa, because there are more people in Cobra Starship, and all of them are hot, I've decided to do a wee Cobra Starship picspam.
Also, to educate one sullen_hearts about the awesomeness.

Part #1: Nate Novarro

First off, Nate knows his MySpace poses.

He also does his best to do the Wentzface.

Although he much rather prefers to just openly stare at the camera.

He's a part of the Cobra. REPRESENNNT. \o/

Everyone in Cobra is a bit gay, and Nate lives up to it. I'd like to imagine he's a bit of a lightweight and likes to be molested, because hello. That shirt. I. I can't even being to say, really.

He's the little drummer boy.

Always with his drumsticks at hand, just in case there's someone something to thwack lovingly. Harr.

He's in no way a brute, though. Nate is like a ripe peach, he bruises easily, okay?!

Speaking of: he likes lemons, but they don't make him bitta. Because that's so last year, gurrl.

OMG! Is it just me, or was that Gabe's hat in the last picture?

He likes the whole hat/hoodie combo.

Although I prefer him like this...

Oh Novarro, you cheeky bitch.

His humps, they got you spendin' all your money on him.

He's so precious, really.

EDIT. Because I suck.

Nate is very friendly with people in his band.

Well, sometimes. Other times he's a cheeky bitch.

He's willing to help them out in tight spots, though. Like when they're unable to finish their food, he's happy to lick it off them eat it for them.

He's not bothered by the fact he's a head shorter than the rest of them.

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It's a sort of an, uh, advantage.

This is Nate with his srs face, Alex with his special child face, and Gabe with his cock-engulfing surprised face.

He's in your LJ, reading your porn.


So precious.

Team spirit, innit.

He's got no inhibitions about his body.

None at all.

Neither does Gabe. About Nate's body, I mean. Especially his manboobs. Just because he doesn't have any doesn't mean Gabe can't touch them, right?

Nate can has class.

And I can has end of picspam.

Next stop: Alex Suarez!

From: saribari82
2008-01-06 09:51 pm (UTC)
so smexy :P
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